Teeth Whitening Treatments

            Brighten Your Smile

Teeth Whitening TreatmentsThe desire to have a whiter smile has been around for centuries, dating all the way back to 3,000 BC. However, modern-day teeth whitening has certainly made some significant advancements. While some people opt for the at-home teeth whitening that they can purchase from local pharmacies and grocery stores, these whitening kits only remove surface stains but do not actually whiten or change the shade of your smile. Therefore, those with more serious stains can benefit from professional teeth whitening performed by your dentist.

How much time does this teeth whitening system take?

The in-office teeth whitening process only take 45 minutes and most patients don’t need more than one treatment; however, when you come into our office we can discuss your goals for whitening to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Before we begin, we will use a small device to keep your lips separated during your whitening treatment. Then we will apply a highly concentrated bleaching agent to the front of your teeth and use a laser beam to activate the gel. We will then allow the whitening formula to remain on your teeth for about 15 minutes, after which we will remove the gel, reapply another layer and reactivate the gel. One 45-minute session includes three, 15-minute reapplications.

What are the side affects of this teeth whitening treatment?

One side effect of teeth whitening is that patients may experience some tooth sensitivity during treatment. This is common and often goes away a couple days after whitening. However, one of the advantages of in-office teeth whitening is that we can tailor and alter your whitening treatment should you experience any sensitivity during the process.
Professional teeth whitening is most effective against external stains that are often yellow in color and caused by certain foods, drinks and even smoking. Teeth whitening will not be effective in treating internal stains caused by trauma or antibiotics. In these cases, dental veneers or dental crowns might be better cosmetic options.
Patients can also opt for multiple teeth whitening treatments in order to maintain their whiter smiles. While results will vary for everyone, most patients will experience a brighter smile for up to two years. A lot will depend on your oral care, your diet and maintaining routine dental visits.
If you want to get a significantly brighter smile, then call us today at (517) 487-6333 to schedule your next teeth whitening treatment.