Why the Whole Family Needs Regular Dental Checkups

Why the Whole Family Needs Regular Dental Checkups

Regular Dental CheckupsGoing to the dentist isn't always the most exciting experience, but when you make it a family affair, it can quickly become a welcomed habit. Every member of the family, from the young ones to elderly grandparents can benefit from visiting the dentist at least twice per year. Here is why Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler advises her Lansing patients to bring the whole family in for regular dental checkups. 

The Value of a Family Dentist
Much like having a trusted doctor, it's a very comforting feeling to know that you have a trusted family dentist on call. Your family dentist knows the most about your dental issues and will be familiar with the best treatments for future concerns. A family dentist knows you, your children and even their grandparents in some cases. She has solutions for dental problems in patients of all ages.

Benefits of Regular Checkups
There are a few reasons why it's a good idea to get regular dental checkups. For one, even if you keep up with a good oral care routine at home, you just don't have the dental tools on hand that your Lansing dentist has at her office. Dr. Scott-Hetchler can notice plaque, cavities, tooth decay and the beginnings of gum disease -- these are issues that you can't see in your bathroom mirror at home. Another benefit of regular dental checkups for your family is that you teach your young children the importance of developing a relationship with their dentist.

What to Expect at Your Next Checkup
If you or your child hasn't been to a dental checkup in a while, maybe it will help to know what exactly will happen at your next visit. The first step is commonly a physical examination to see the overall condition of your teeth and talk about any concerns you have. Next, the dentist will take X-rays to see the bigger picture. And finally, the dentist will likely clean and polish the teeth so you leave the appointment with your mouth feeling fresh and renewed.

Schedule a Family Checkup Today
You can schedule a checkup at Dr. Scott-Hetchler's Lansing dentist office for you and the other members of your family in one call. In some cases, her office may be able to schedule a visit at the same time. Call (517) 487-6333 today.

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