Replace Missing Teeth in Lansing with Dentures from Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler

Replace Missing Teeth in Lansing with Dentures from Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler

Dentures LansingIf you are in a situation where you need to replace multiple missing teeth, you may want to talk to your Lansing, MI dentist, Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler, about getting fitted for dentures. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and functional than in the past. With a similar appearance to your natural teeth, dentures can give you back the complete smile that you lost. Talk to Dr. Scott-Hetchler today to learn more or have a consultation to get fitted for dentures in Lansing.

Understanding Your Options

Depending on your specific needs, you may either want partial or complete dentures. Complete dentures are used to replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures fill in the spaces caused by missing teeth to improve your appearance and make sure that your teeth don’t move. Candidates for complete dentures have lost all or most of their teeth. Complete dentures fall into two categories: conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after removing the remaining teeth. This allows for you to not have to go any amount of time without having teeth in your mouth. However, your bones and teeth can move in the six months after tooth removal so you may have to have your dentures refitted. Conventional dentures are created after your teeth have been removed.
Overdentures are removable dentures that will fit over a small number of remaining natural teeth or dental implants. Your natural teeth need to be prepared to provide stability and support for the denture. In addition, partial dentures offer a solution when you only have several teeth that are missing. Removable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth that are attached to pink plastic bases that are connected to metal framework.

Getting Used To Your Dentures

When you first get fitted for dentures, they will probably feel awkward in your mouth for a few weeks. However, you will start to get used to them almost immediately and eventually they will feel natural to you. Taking your dentures out and putting them in will also take some practice, but you will shortly become very good at it. Never force your partial denture into place by biting down, as this can break or bend the claps.
If your denture puts too much pressure on a certain area of your mouth, it will become sore. If this happens, your dentist can make adjustments to your dentures to make them more comfortable.
When you first get dentures installed, start out by eating soft foods and gradually build up to your normal eating patterns. Continue to take good care of your mouth by brushing your gums and tongue with a soft-bristled brush every morning.
To learn more about dentures, Lansing patients can call to schedule an appointment, by contacting Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler at (517) 487-6333.

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