Can A Dental Crown Strengthen My Tooth?

Can A Dental Crown Strengthen My Tooth?

If you have a damaged tooth, having a dentist repair it as soon as possible is vital to saving the tooth. One of the ways dentists like Dr. dental crownsHolly Scott-Hetchler, your dentist in Lansing, Michigan, restore damaged teeth is by using dental crowns. Here, Dr. Holly explains how crowns work and what they do to help your teeth.

What is a dental crown?

Crowns, also called caps, fit over damaged teeth to keep it secure and protected from any other trauma. While Lansing dentists in the past used to rely on extractions to deal with major decay or trauma, advancements in dental techniques have shown that keeping the root of the natural tooth intact is integral to the health of the other teeth. Like a high-tech machine, your teeth rely on each other to work properly. By placing a tooth-shaped porcelain or metal cap over a damaged tooth, your Lansing dentist is helping to restore its form and function on top and retaining its function underneath your gum line.

How is a crown placed?

Your Lansing dentist starts by applying a local anesthetic to the affected area. The damaged tooth will likely need to be filed down to remove any remaining decay and ensure a good fit with the crown. A temporary crown may be placed at this time; however, if the permanent crown has already been crafted, it will be fitted on top of the prepared tooth and cemented in place. This is a fairly simple procedure that typically takes less than an hour at your Lansing dentist's office.

Don't let a damaged tooth go without treatment. This can lead to other dental problems, including infections and further tooth loss. Contact the office of Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler in Lansing, Michigan to have your tooth evaluated and a treatment plan made for you.

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